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Welcome to my travel tips page.  Here I’ll share things I learned from past travel experiences and also share travel tips from clients and travel bloggers.  Feel free  to send me any of your favorite travel tips and I’ll post them here 🙂  Send to

I’d like to share some of my favorite travel websites here as well.  You can find awesome travel accessories on these sites.  Have fun shopping and feel free to share your favorite travel accessory website with me!


Amazon for anything travel related.

Coach Outlet for great travel bags and accessories.

Bath and Body Works for great travel size room sprays and scentportables.  Keep it fresh 😉

Macy’s because I’m a sucker for 1-day deals and coupons!  I always look for their luggage deals.

Minimus.Biz for all your travel size needs.  They have free shipping for any order over $20.

Poopourri for travel size sprays to keep the bathroom smelling nice, lol…

The Container Store to keep you organized while traveling.

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