I’m so excited you’re viewing the TravelRx, LLC site! My name is Dionne Allen and I’m your Spring, TX  luxury travel advisor and cruise planner.  TravelRx, LLC is a CLIA Certified Travel Agency  catering to your romantic travel, family travel, historic travel and cruise travel dreams.  TravelRx, LLC partners with the industries best suppliers to plan your vacations to Mexico, the Caribbean, popular US destinations, cruises and MORE…

I started TravelRx, LLC in 2015 because of my love for travel and serving others in their quest to experience the world through travel. The company name was birthed by combining my love for my Pharmacy profession and travel, hence TravelRx, “Your Prescription for Amazing Travel Experiences!” After many years growing the travel company with 400+ travel clients, hundreds of customized trips and cruise bookings, TravelRx, LLC is now and independent agency!  As the owner and travel agent, I’ve acquired several certifications including CLIA Master Cruise Counselor (MCC), Disney Cruises & Vacations Agent, Jamaica Travel Specialist, Dominican Republic Travel Specialist, Antigua & Barbuda Specialist, Princess Cruises Commodore, Carnival Diamond Certification and more.  This industry is constantly growing and I’m constantly learning about new travel products so I can provide the best travel services to YOU!

When I think of some of my life’s fondest memories, most of them are tied to a travel experience. Be it a trip with friends or a family vacation, there’s an unforgettable comedic memory that comes to mind for EVERY trip I’ve taken.   My wish is to help you fill your life with similar memories.

The great thing about travel is that it never gets old and there’s something for everyone. Travel doesn’t exclude anybody. From the young to the young at heart, the foodie, the sports enthusiast, the adventure seekers, the lovers, or the loners there’s a place for you to explore and create amazing experiences.

TheTravelRx.com is the place where you can connect with me to help plan your next travel experience, view and share travel pictures, reviews and receive helpful travel tips.  You may also like and follow me on Facebook and Instagram using handle @mstravelrx.  I’m more than a virtual planner and I’m delighted to connect with you through a live vacation consultation.  Schedule your next consultation by clicking here to view my calendar (Vacation Consultations are FREE for a limited time).

If a time on my calendar is not convenient for you,  feel free to contact the agency at 713-999-8909.    You may call or text based on your communication preference :-). You’ll receive a response within 24 hours.

TravelRx is dedicated to being “Your Prescription for Amazing Travel Experiences!”

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