About TravelRx

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DAllen_frontfaceI’m so excited you’re viewing the TravelRx blog site! My name is Dionne Allen and I’m your very own Success Coach with Xstream Travel Host Agency. I love to travel and have wanted to be a travel agent for years. When I had the opportunity to get my certification with Xstream Travel, I knew this was my time. Not only do I have access to numerous suppliers and travel deals for my personal travel, but now I get the opportunity to help my family, friends, and travel clients create amazing travel experiences! That’s the best part.

When I think of some of my life’s fondest memories, most of them are tied to a travel experience. Be it a trip with friends or a family vacation, there’s an unforgettable comedic memory that comes to mind for every trip I’ve taken.   My wish is to fill your life with similar memories.

The great thing about travel is that it never gets old and there’s something for everyone. Travel doesn’t exclude anybody. From the young to the young at heart, the foodie, the sports enthusiast, the adventure seekers, the lovers, or the loners there’s a place for you to explore and create amazing experiences.

TheTravelRx.com is the place where you can connect with me to help plan your next travel adventure, view and share travel pictures, and receive helpful travel tips. TravelRx is dedicated to being “Your Prescription for Amazing Travel Experiences!”

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